Jan Teirlinck


A lifestyle  which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation
and cruelty to animals, for food, clothing or any other purpose. 

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Processed foods are the cause of many diseased. Animal products come from suffering and horror practices of the meat industry. They cause cancer and destroy the planet. Jan's mission is to let you discover your talents in creating a vegan, delicious menu for yourself and your family, so you can become your own doctor in a very simple way.

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Mother Nature provides plenty of magical tools to detox your body from a toxic environment. Superfoods, vitamins, minerals, plants, juices and much more. Jan can advice you on how to use these healthy power foods. Recharge yourself and feel more energetic!


be true to yourself

A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right food. Your health depends on on your happiness and vice versa. Jan's vision on health is: 25% food, 25% movement and 50% mindset and attitude. A holistic approach and the power of positive thinking gives the best results.



Going vegan is the first step in becoming more conscious of what you are eating and how it affects you mentally, physically and emotionaly.

This way of living will restore harmony to your body and mind through the use of fresh, raw and living foods.