started as a pioneer

Being a vegetarian for more than 35 years, Jan started a classical education at “ter duinen“ in Koksijde Belgium, a famous hotelschool, where he succesfully received his degree.

Right after his studies he pioneered by opening his first vegetarian restaurant “De Zonnebloem” in Kortrijk, his hometown.

Being a talented passionate vegan chef with a french cuisine background, the combination of delicious food and boosting health has always been his goal.

The time to act is now!

Later he found that Living Vegan Food was the most interesting of all lifestyles, not only for a good health, but also for the body, the mind, the taste experience, compassion for animals and the future of the planet and our children.

During a holistic program in India, he received a life changing ‘raw food’ initiation from Che Perkins at her Holistic Health Centre in Rajasthan. This awakened him in an even deeper interest and learning in healthy food! Nowadays, Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Thomas Lodi and many others are his favourite food heroes!

Meditation is my spiritual food.

In Glastonbury UK, Jan participated at an Energy 4life Coach Training with Shola Arewa.

His interest and wide experience in veganism and his commitment to helping others giving up the harmful foods that cause disease has led me to become your life food coach.

Being a certified vegan health food chef, he loves to share his experiences. He is continuously learning and discovering the different facets of the wonderful diamond which is nutrition.

His speciality is vegetarian & vegan lifestyle. You can contact him for vegan cuisine, healthy living, creating new recipes, coachings, workshops and retreats.